Everything You Need to Know About Residential Drain Cleaning in North Las Vegas

The drains in your home are constructed to endure quite a lot of misuse, but like any other system in your home, over time they can fail and become inoperable. At North Vegas Action Plumbers, we have special methods for blasting away tough clogs not temporarily, but permanently.

Why Call a Plumber?

When your kitchen sink clogs or your bathroom sink is experiencing a slow flow, your first thought may be to visit your local hardware store for drain cleaning solutions. The chemicals that are sold at these stores may appear to get your drains in working order again, but in most cases it is only a provisional fix. This is because these cleaners are not always tough enough to break-up all the debris that is affixed to the inside of your pipes, which means the pipes will become obstructed again within a matter of months.

Plumbers have state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques that can figure out exactly why your pipes are becoming clogged in the first place. While it may be that you are dumping the wrong things down your sink, it could also be something else that is completely unrelated to a blockage.

Drain Cleaning Methods

Plumbers use something called video plumbing technology to inspect your drains. Using a small camera that is threaded into your pipes, the plumber can visually see what is causing the problem. This technology allows both you and the plumber to see inside your pipes in real time and it prevents excess damage from being done to your walls. In the past, plumbers would have to break apart drywall to get to the pipes to have a look. This is no longer necessary with video camera inspections.

Obstructions that are quite large may need something called hydro or water jetting to move them through your pipes and clear up the situation. Hydro jetting consists of using pressurized water to chip and blast away gunk that is creating problems with your drain pipes.

Preventing Clogs

Can you prevent all clogs? Not really, no. This is because even things like toothpaste can cause problems with your drains. However, you can take certain measures to make sure a small problem doesn’t turn into a bigger disaster. For instance, limit what you put in your sinks. Substances like egg shells, pasta noodles, and any type of oil, should never be rinsed down the drain or put in the garbage disposal.

Want to learn more about drain cleaning methods? Give one of our local, licensed plumbers at North Vegas Action Plumbers to schedule an appointment to have your pipes inspected and cleared.



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