Top-Rated Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

Do you have questions about your garbage disposal? If it hasn’t been working as you believe it should, it may be time to call for professional assistance. At North Vegas Action Plumbers, we are experts at pinpointing exactly what is wrong with these household appliances and can get your disposal working in record time.

Our friendly plumbing specialists answer the telephone 24 hours a day, responding to your questions and concerns. Here are just some of the questions we provide answers to on a daily basis.

Why Won’t My Garbage Disposal Turn On?

It could be because the disposal is jammed or that the motor turned off to avoid overheating. Disposals that have a power cord attached to them may not be getting power because of damage to the cord or to the circuit breaker.

Why Is My Disposal Making a Funny Sound?

Disposals are not quiet appliances, but if you notice an unusual sound that resembles shaking, rattling, or a sound that sounds like metal-on-metal there could be a non-food item object stuck in the blades.

Why Won’t My Appliance Turn Off?

Batch feed disposals are designed to run for a certain amount of time. If you have this style of disposal, such as an InSinkerator disposal, the disposal should turn itself off after its preprogrammed time. If it continues to run, but doesn’t turn off for a good 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll want to have it serviced. All brands of disposals that refuse to turn off – batch feed or continuous feed – may have an electrical problem. Try killing the power at the circuit break and call for plumbing service.

Why Is Water and Waste Leaking from the Unit?

A bad seal could be causing the water to leak from the unit. Also, if the blades are not sharp and chopping of the food correctly, leftover waste could cause the seal to loosen, resulting in seepage underneath your kitchen sink.

Call for Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Services

The above questions represent only a small amount of the type of calls we get each day for repair services. At North Vegas Action Plumbers, we recommend that you call us at the first sign of a problem so we can send a plumber to your North Las Vegas, Nevada home right away to figure out exactly what is happening. Addressing an issue sooner than later will always save you money and may help you avoid garbage disposal replacement and installation costs.

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