Call the Superior Leak Detection Company in North Las Vegas for Slab Leak and Inspection Services

Water leaks are not amusing. These persistent home invaders can quickly destroy your home or building. Not only can they wreak havoc on your flooring, furniture, and walls, but they cost you hundreds of extra dollars on your water bills. Water leaks can happen due to stress on the pipes, poor installation, and the age of your home. Whatever the reason may be it needs to be addressed immediately to stop water from seeping into parts of your home it doesn’t belong.

North Vegas Action Plumbers makes helping homeowners and businesses its number one priority. By connecting our customers with certified contractors that use electronic leak detection services and repairs, we get the situation under control right away. This makes our customers happy, which is always our ultimate goal.

Slab Leak Detection Is Our Specialty

Have you observed mildew developing in your home? Are there gaps and cracks on your foundation floor? These are signs that you could have a slab leak. Don’t waste time if you suspect a below ground leak.

Call us and one of our licensed contractors will come to your home to perform electronic leak detection services using state-of-the-art, non-invasive equipment.

Is Your Pool the Cause of Your Plumbing Woes?

Although many people associate plumbing leaks with things like damaged faucets and broken pipes within the home, pool leaks actually contribute to a number of the calls we receive throughout any given week. Many pool owners do not realize that their local plumbing company can offer them valuable services when it comes to leak detection.

Have you noticed that your pool is losing water? Are you constantly topping it off with the garden hose? Pools lose water for many reasons, including natural explanations like sun absorption. However, leaks can form in and around your pool that can drain your pool and your bank account. You may have a pool leak if any of the following signs occur:

  • Air bubbles in the return line
  • Frequently needing to add water
  • Cracks in the liner
  • Equipment not priming properly
  • Damp spots around the pool
  • A sagging pool deck

These are signs that you may need immediate attention from a leak detection specialist.

Other sources that lead to water problems include water heaters and sump pumps. Call today to learn more about our famed leak detection services in North Las Vegas, CA today!